How to export your site to HTML

How Framer optimises your site & alternatives to HTML exporting

⚠️ Framer HTML is optimized for machines (to render fast) and not really for humans (to build on), so we wouldn’t recommend Framer as a tool for exporting HTML.

People typically ask for HTML site export if they want to either:

Self host their site on different hosting platform like Vercel, Netlify, CloudFlare or AWS.

Use the generated code by Framer as a starting point to build from or to import in another tool like Shopify or Wordpress (spoiler: we don’t recommend this).

Self Hosting

Framer offers a much better way to self host your website which doesn’t require you to manually up and download anything, supported by every major hosting platform (like Vercel, Netlify, CloudFlare or AWS). You can simply set your Framer site as an origin for your host and use the “reverse proxy” feature. This way you will have full control over the hosting (so you can modify headers, add authentication, cookies, analytics, etc.) but you can still deploy a new site by simply clicking publish.

How to self host using reverse proxy

We also offer a set of specific articles how to set this up with your favorite platform (from Vercel to Cloudflare).

Exported Output

Framers output is optimized for machines to render fast, not really for people to understand. We have built a custom code compiler that can use every trick in the book to deliver and render your site as fast as possible. But that means that the code itself isn’t really written in a nice way to take and continue to work with (much like for example Next.js).

Additionally, many of the resources are dynamic for the same reason. Images get different compression based on your browser and JavaScript can be delivered in different ways based on how you have navigated a page to transfer the least amount of bytes. For that reason Framer cannot statically export resources.

Export HTML

For all the reasons stated above, we don’t recommend to use Framer in cases where you need the exported HTML. But if you have a good reason that isn’t covered here, you can always publish your site and save the HTML. Press CMD+S or CTRL+S in Chrome to Save Page As… and set the format to Web Page, HTML Only. That file should work anywhere you deploy it.

⚠️ Manually exported HTML still relies on Framer hosted assets (like scripts, images and fonts) so even if you end up going this way, make sure you have enough bandwidth.