How to use the Web Inspector for errors

The Web Inspector is basically a set of development tools for any web site built right into the browser.


You can use it for many things, but typically you use it to look for more information about errors. In that case we recommend to use Chrome. You can open the inspector from the menu:

Once it’s open, you want to check out the Console (there are two actually, doesn’t matter which one). That’s where errors appear with some extra information that can help us debug.

Not all errors are created equal. You can typically ignore the following errors:

• Yellow errors are warnings that won’t change the behavior of the site.

• Failed to load errors are things that couldn’t be loaded. This is fine for a favico but could be bad for an image or script.


You can often reproduce mobile errors with the emulator in the Chrome web inspector.

It can be a bit trickier to get the web inspector on mobile devices, but for issues that cannot be reproduced on desktop you might need it:


Hook it up with USB and use Chrome.

Download inspector app from Play Store.

iPhone / iPad:

Hook it up with USB and use Safari.

Download inspector app in App Store.