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Money Coach

Prototypes can pave the way for innovation, particularly in fields where developing concepts before field-testing them could be prohibitively risky and expensive. Chief Design Officer Noel Lyons’ team at Barclays developed an AI-driven ‘Money Coach’ to provide handy hints for online banking. “The prototype was up and running in a few weeks,” he explains.

MoneyCoach was created as an experiment to test customers with behavioral finance tips and a different UI approach. The concept was to take people who have no savings to opening a savings account and create new habits to start putting money aside using a series of small nudges.

“We now have spending categorization, highly personalized insights about your financial behavior and rich transactional views all built into the main app – all ideas that were contained within that one prototype.”

— Noel Lyons, Chief Design Officer at Barclays
Portrait of Noel Lyons

Prototyping powers innovation

As digital transformation speeds up, digital products and experiences must make the art of solving complex, multi-faceted consumer needs look simple and effortless. The more complex and advanced the design solution, the more crucial it is to get tangible with it as soon as possible.

For 40% of respondents, prototypes are most effective for experimenting with multiple ideas quickly and effectively, before settling on the best option to take forward.

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Case study from State of Prototyping - a global report by Design Week in partnership with Framer.