Project Editors and Team Editors

Framer offers two different ways to get editors to collaborate on team projects.

  1. A team editor is someone who is given a dedicated seat to your entire team
  2. A project editor is someone who is only given explicit edit rights to a specific team project

This is mainly useful to ensure that not every person who is invited to a single team project will then attain access to all the team’s other projects.

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Who are team editors?

A team editor is a collaborator who, once given their editor seat, will always be able to view and edit any projects in the entire team.

Team editors will thus be able to view projects that others in the team created within the team space, without needing to be explicitly invited to it.

What can a team editor do?

Team editors have several key characteristics.

  • From the project dashboard, team editors can see all team projects from others in the team
  • Therefore team editors don’t require an invite to view projects from others in their team space
  • Team editors, by default, have edit rights to all projects created within (or moved to) a team space

Note: This does not mean that team editors can view projects only visible to you listed under your Drafts. Projects created from your Drafts need to be explicitly moved to a team before they can be viewed by the team.

Within a team, team editors also have the following rights:

  • Creating projects within the team space
  • Removing/downgrading viewers and editors within a team project
  • Removing/downgrading viewers and editors within the entire team
  • Leaving comments on team projects
  • Upgrading, changing, or cancelling the team plan

Who are Project Editors?

Project editors are individuals who get invited to collaborate as an editor only for a specific project. This ensures that the person does not become a dedicated editor in the entire team with all rights that come with it, but still grant them edit rights for a single team project.

They are billed equally as team editors as they take up one seat in your team, but inviting project editors thus allow you to restrict the edit rights while still being able to invite external collaborators to a team project.

Note: Project editors also show up in the list of users in your team under the team settings overview.

What can a Projct Editor do?

Project editors can only see and edit the projects they have been invited to. They always need to be explicitly invited from within a specific project.

Adding a Project Editor

As projet editors are only invited to a specific project, you need to follow the normal invite flow from within a project.

  1. Open the project you want to invite an project editor to
  2. Click the avatar with the + at the top-right of your canvas
  3. Fill out the invitee’s email address in the collaborators window
  4. Make sure that they are set to the Can edit permission