Download a prototype to the Framer mobile app.

Note: This article refers to the Framer desktop app. Learn more about the differences between the Framer web and desktop app here.

Downloading projects from Framer Web is currently still under development, this article concerns downloading desktop projects.

You can use the Framer Preview app to download Framer HTML prototypes, created in the Desktop app, for offline viewing. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Downloading your prototype

  1. Open your project in the Framer desktop app.
  2. Export a HTML prototype.
  3. Upload the exported folder to the web — either on your own server or by dragging and dropping it to Netlify Drop.
  4. Copy the hosted URL to your iOS or Android device’s clipboard (you’ll need to send yourself the link – or use a QR code generator.
  5. On your mobile device, open the Framer Preview app.
  6. Tap the Recents tab.
  7. You should see your URL under the heading Copied Link.
  8. Tap the link to open the project.
  9. Once the project has finished loading, either swipe up from the bottom of the screen, shake your device, or hover your hand over the front of your device to open the menu.
  10. Tap the Download icon to download your project.

Opening your prototype

  1. Open the Framer Preview app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the Downloads tab.
  3. Find your project’s icon in the list of projects and tap it to open the project.

Note: If your project includes components that require the internet to work, you’ll still need an internet connection for these to continue working correctly.