Export Project as an HTML prototype

Note: This article refers to the Framer desktop app. Learn more about the differences between the Framer web and desktop app here.

If you want to share your Framer prototypes more widely and make sure they don't expire, you can upload your project to Framer Web. If you’d rather keep your project offline, you can also run export your project as a HTML prototype.

When exporting in this way, Framer will create a folder containing your preview as a standalone website that you can access offline or host online.

Exporting as HTML Prototype

Follow these steps to export your project:

  1. On the Framer canvas, select the Frame where you would like the preview to start.
  2. In the menu, select File > Export as HTML (or press ⌘ + ⌥ + E).
  3. Select a location to save the folder.

Framer will export your project and open the resulting folder. This folders contains a standalone prototype ready for sharing or to download to your mobile device.

To open up your Web Preview, open the index.html in any modern web browser.

Sharing a Web Preview

To share your Web Preview with others, the easiest approach is to upload your project to Framer Web and create and share a Prototype view.

However, if you’d like to share or host it yourself, you can you can either compress the folder to directly send it to others or you can upload the entire folder to a web server.

While the Web Preview can work on any host, such as a personal or company server, your easiest option is to use a recommended free service such as Netlify Drop.

Hosting your project online with Netlify Drop

  1. Go to Netlify Drop.
  2. Drag and drop the exported Web Preview folder in the files area.
  3. That’s it! Click the link to view your prototype and share it with anyone.

Netlify will upload the folder and permanently host it at a unique URL.