Interactions are a way to trigger Transitions and other actions in your prototype. You can add interactions to Frames, Stacks, Graphic layers, Design Components, and Code Components.

To create an interaction on a selected layer, click Interactions on the Properties panel, select a trigger from the menu, then select an action.

To test an interaction, open the Preview window and perform the triggering event — for example, by tapping on a layer with a Tap trigger.

Triggers and Actions

An interaction has two parts:

  1. The Trigger is the event that will cause the interaction to occur.
  2. The Action is the thing that happens when the interaction is triggered.

The most common type of Action is a Transition, which is a way to navigate your prototype between different layers. To learn more about Transitions, see our Transitions article.

Interactions List

A layer will display its Interactions on the Properties panel as a list of triggers with their connected actions.

To edit an action's properties, click the Action.

To delete an Action, click its x button.

Tip: You can assign more than one Action a Trigger.