A Frame is a layer that can contain other layers. Frames can have child layers and can optionally manage the position of those layers using a stack layout.

To create a Frame layer, click the Frame tool in the Toolbar or press F, then click and drag to draw the Frame.

You can also create a Frame around any selected layer(s) by right clicking and selecting Add Frame, or by pressing ⌘ + Enter for Mac or Ctrl + Enter for Windows..


When a Frame is directly on the canvas, you can assign the Frame a Device. A Frame's device will set the Frame's size and allow you to choose an orientation.

To set or change a Frame's device, select the Device on the Properties Panel.

Stack Layout

You can automatically position a Frame's child layers by enabling its stack layout. In Framer, the capitalized word Stack refers to a Frame with its stack layout enabled.

To enable the stack layout for a selected Frame, click on the Stack heading in the Properties Panel. Click this heading again to disable the stack layout.

When you enable a Frame's stack layout, any existing child layers will be positioned automatically according to the Frame's Stack properties. When you disable a Frame's stack layout, all of the Frame's child layers will remain in their stacked positions.

To learn more about the stack layout, see our Stack article.