A Text layer is a container for text.

To create a Text layer that will automatically resize according to its text content, click the Text tool in the Toolbar or press T, then click on the canvas and begin typing.

To create a Text layer with a fixed size, select the Text tool and click and drag on the canvas.

To edit a Text layer's content, double click the Text layer. You can also select the Text layer and then press Enter.


You can set a Text layer's Size property to either Auto or Fixed. A Text layer with an Auto size will re-size based on its text content. A Text layer with a Fixed size can be resized just like any other layer.

Applying Styles

You can style a Text layer in one of two ways: by styling all of its text content at once, or by styling specific parts of the layer's text content.

To change a Text layer's overall style, select the layer and then, on the Properties panel, make your changes to the properties listed under the Text heading. Your changes will apply to all of the layer's text content.

To change the style of a specific part of the Text layer's content, double click the Text layer to edit its content, then select only the text that you want to style and make your changes on the Properties panel. Your changes will only apply to your selected text.


For a Text layer's typeface, you can choose between local fonts or fonts from Google Fonts.

Note: Take care when using local fonts in your Framer project. In order for your project's fonts to display correctly, other viewers will need to have the same font installed on their device while viewing your project or your project's Prototype view. The Framer team is working to address this issue in the future.