Restoring from a project backup

Note: This article refers to the Framer desktop app. Learn more about the differences between the Framer web and desktop app here.

With the Framer desktop app, it’s possible to jump back to an earlier version of your project in case you need to restore it. This is also great for when you’ve made a change that you no longer want.

Please note: Make a duplicate of the .framerx file and keep that as a backup.

To switch to an earlier version of your project:

  1. Select the .framerx file and rename it from projectname.framerx to (allow it to convert).
  2. There will now be a .zip file. Unpack it so that it becomes a folder.
  3. Open up the folder, hit ⌘ + Shift + . (dot)
  4. Open up the .backup folder. It will show you zipped packages of every edit with their dates and timestamp.
  5. Unpack the .zip file you need, a code and design folder will appear.
  6. Take these code and design folders and put them in the main project folder (when prompted, select replace/overwrite).
  7. Within the main project folder, hit ⌘ + A (Select All) to select all the contents of the folder.
  8. Right-click the items and select Compress Items, a new .zip will be made.
  9. Rename this .zip to projectname.framerx (again allow it to convert).
  10. Start the project.

Backups on Framer Web

Framer projects on the web are hosted in the cloud, which means you can’t use above steps to revert to an earlier version.

It is currently not yet possible to easily navigate back to an older version of your project on the web, we are looking to implement versioning on Framer web in the future.

If you urgently need help restoring work on Framer Web, please contact support.