Previewing on a mobile device

You can view your prototype on a mobile device in your device's browser, or with the Framer Preview app for iOS and Android.

To view a project's preview on a mobile device, create a Prototype view, open the Prototype view link, and click the mobile icon to view the link’s QR code.

Scan the QR Code with your mobile device's camera to visit the Prototype view on your mobile device.

Note: If you have the Framer Preview app installed, the Prototype view link will open in the Framer Preview app.

Framer Preview App

We recommend installing the Framer Preview app for iOS or Android. The Framer Preview app will display a Prototype view fullscreen and without the browser's usual interface.

Tip: While visiting a Prototype view will normally open the Framer Preview app, you can also open a Prototype view in the Framer Preview app by copying the Prototype view’s web address from your mobile browser instead. In the Framer Preview app, you will find the copied link under the Recents tab.