Real time Collaboration

You can invite others to view and collaborate on your Framer project in real time. There’s no limit to the number of people who can simultaneously edit or view your project.

Collaboration Menu

You can invite, view, and manage your project’s collaborators in the Collaboration menu.

To open the collaboration menu, click on your project's list of collaborators in the Toolbar.

Inviting Collaborators

To invite a collaborator from the Collaboration menu, enter their e-mail address, select the collaborator’s permissions type, and click Invite.

Inviting collaborators, whether they are viewers or editors, is free for private projects listed under your Drafts.

Note: If your project is listed under a Team, inviting additional Editors may affect the costs of your team.

Changing Permissions

To change a collaborator’s permissions, click on their current permission type and select the new type.

To learn more about permissions, head over to our article on setting permissions.

Removing Collaborators

To remove a collaborator, click on their current permission type and select Remove.

Sharing a Project Link

You can also invite collaborators by sharing a project link.

To share a project link, click the Copy Project Link button at the bottom of the Collaboration menu. You can send the link to anyone you'd like.

To control who can join your project via a project link, click the access dropdown at the bottom of the collaboration menu either Anyone with the link can view or Only collaborators can access.


In the Editor, your project’s collaborators are listed as a row of avatars on the right side of the Toolbar. A colored avatar indicates that the collaborator is currently viewing the project.


A project in your Drafts is accessible only to you and to those that you invite to collaborate on the project. A project in a Team folder may be accessed by any member of that team.


A collaborator’s permissions control whether the collaborator may edit a project or only view it. You can edit a collaborator's permissions in the Collaboration Menu.

Note: On a Team, a member’s role can determine whether they can edit projects. To learn more about a Team’s roles and permissions, see our Team Roles article.