Rulers and Guides

You can use Framer’s rulers and guides to help position and align layers on the canvas.


Rulers show horizontal and vertical positions on the canvas.

To show Rulers, click on Menu > View > Show Rulers, or press Control + R on Mac or Control + Shift + R on Windows. Repeat this command to hide the Rulers.

While Show Rulers is enabled, the Rulers will highlight the positions of any selected layers.


A guide is a fixed vertical or horizontal line that can help you position layers on the canvas. When a guide is present on the canvas, a dragging layer will snap to the guide.

Note: Guides are only visible when Show Rulers is enabled.

Using Guides

To create a guide, click on either the horizontal or vertical Ruler.

To delete a guide, right click the Guide and click Delete.

To select a guide, click on it.

To see the distance between a selected guide and another guide or layer, hold the Option key and hover over the second guide or layer.

To reposition a guide, click the guide and drag it to the new position. While dragging, guides will snap to the edges of layers.

Tip: To make fine adjustments to a guide's position, zoom in on the canvas before dragging.