Why are my Sketch assets copied as a single frame?

Framer allows you to seamlessly copy-paste your Sketch assets into your Framer project. If all your assets are instead copied over as a single flattened frame then it may be that a plugin was not installed correctly in Sketch.

Enabling the plugin

When working in Framer Web, you may be asked to install FramerTools to use the color picker or to import from Sketch.

Specifically for Sketch importing, FramerTools is required as it installs a plugin to Sketch. This plugin allows you to copy-paste between Sketch and Framer.

If this isn’t working for you as expected, please follow these steps to check whether the plugin was correctly installed into Sketch.

  1. Close and reopen Sketch
  2. In Sketch, navigate to Plugins > Manage Plugins
  3. Confirm that the plugin Framer Pasteboard is in your list of plugins

Copy-pasting a selection of assets from Sketch to Framer should now copy over your assets as individual elements.

If the plugin does not appear in the Sketch plugins, ensure you have Framer Tools installed.

The latest version of Framer Tools for Mac can be downloaded here.

Differences between Sketch and Framer

Due to differences how Sketch and Framer render and build designs, some of your assets may not be copied over fully correct.

We are working hard to improve the importer. In the meantime, learn more about which elements are and aren’t fully supported yet in our article on importing from Sketch.