Team Fonts

Within a Framer project, you are able to pick from a wide variety of web and Google fonts. In addition, when you are on the Pro or Enterprise team, you are also able to upload your own custom fonts. To share custom fonts with your entire team and ensure they are available in all team projects, you can upload team fonts.

What are team fonts

Team fonts are set on a team-level, available for Pro and Enterprise teams. Team fonts are uploaded via team settings, and will be available to every existing and new team project. Each member of the team will be able to use the font and viewers of any team projects will be able to view all custom fonts shared to the team.

Uploading Shared Fonts

Any team admin or editor of a Pro or Enterprise team is able to upload fonts to a team by following these steps:

  1. Head over to the Framer dashboard
  2. Next to your team name, select team settings under the ••• icon
  3. Select Fonts in the modal that appears
  4. Choose to upload a font and pick a local font file

Framer accepts fonts with the .ttf and .otf format. Any team fonts uploaded to the team can be managed from the same window.

Tip: It is possible to upload multiple font files at once when selecting your local font files.

Removing a custom font Any font you no longer want to be available can be removed by clicking the delete icon next to the font. Deleted fonts won’t display anymore in both the project itself and in the project’s Prototype view(s). Any text layer that used the font will revert back to the System Default font.

Learn more

Fonts shared to your team will become available and visible in any project created within the team. If you use the font, they will become visible on the canvas, Preview, and Prototype view for any person viewing any of these — no matter if they have the font on their machine or not. Learn more about how fonts uploaded to Framer work by reading the article on Custom Fonts.