Framer's Toolbar contains a collection of links and tools to use as you work on your project.


To open Framer's application menu, click the menu icon at the far-left side of the Toolbar. This menu contains all of Framer's functions. It also lists keyboard shortcuts, where available.

Folder and Title

Next to the menu icon, you'll find a breadcrumb showing the name of the current file and the name of its containing folder.

To change the current project's name, click on the project's name.

To open the project's containing folder in the Dashboard, click on the folder's name.


At the center of the Toolbar, you'll find a group of core tools that includes:

You'll also find buttons for Framer's Comment Mode, Handoff Mode, and Zoom Menu.


At the right side of the Toolbar, you'll find a list of avatars belonging to each of the users who have been invited to collaborate on the current project. Users who are not currently active in the project will be shown in black and white.

To open the Collaboration menu, click on this list.


To share your project as a prototype, click on the Toolbar’s Share button to the top-right, next to the preview icon. On the Share menu, you will find your prototype's share link and options to customize how your shareable link behaves.


To open the Preview window, click on the Preview button on the right side of the Toolbar.