Differences between the Framer desktop and web app

While the macOS desktop and web versions of Framer contain many of the same features, some things are specific to each version.

Framer on the web is available for free, while the desktop version is only included with the Pro plan and up. If you’re a current subscriber, learn more about what happens to your existing Framer license.

We have no plans to deprecate Framer desktop (previously known as Framer X) and where technically possible, we do plan to achieve parity between web and desktop. In many cases, we consider the desktop app to be a worthy companion to the web version of our product.

The table below describes current features that are specific to either the web or desktop client.

Desktop onlyWeb only
HTML Exports/PreviewsLive collaboration
Installing packages from NPMCommenting
Git integrationFigma importing
Asset exportingPrototype view
Project dashboard

Which version should I use?

Due to the web allowing for more collaborative features, the web version of Framer will provide you with more of these. If collaboration, easy sharing, and cloud-hosted projects are valuable to you then we recommend sticking with the web version.

If you strongly prefer working on an offline desktop macOS app, and you are on a Pro team, then the desktop app may be a better pick.

When it comes to prototyping and designing projects, virtually the same features are available to both versions so the platform you pick should not make a difference.

Moving projects between Desktop and Web

Projects are not synced between the different platforms. You can, however, download a project from web and open it in the desktop app, or upload a desktop project to web.

Learn more about this in the article on moving projects between the apps.