Framer Partner Program overview


Framer Partner Program overview

Joining the Framer Partner Program offers a fantastic opportunity to earn a 50% commission on referrals. There are three main ways to earn while contributing to the Framer community.

Benefits of being a Framer Partner

  • Earn a generous 50% commission on any client you refer to Framer.

  • Choose between selling templates, handing over client sites, or sharing affiliate links.

  • Engage with a thriving partner community and receive promotional support.

Ways to Earn Money

  1. Selling Templates. Whether you’re an experienced designer or a beginner, selling templates is a lucrative option in the Framer Partner Program. Each duplicated template uses your unique referral link, earning you 50% of any subscription fee for a year if users upgrade to a paid plan. Learn how to become a Template Creator. You can create two types of templates:

    • Free Templates: These templates allow you to reach a broad audience within the app, although they typically result in lower rates of users upgrading to paid plans.

    • Paid Templates: These templates require an upfront purchase, which often leads to a higher percentage of users transitioning to paid plans.

  2. Handing Over Client Sites. Freelancers and agencies can earn by transferring client projects with a remix link containing your partner tag (&via=partner-tag). This ensures your referral is captured and reflected in your FirstPromoter account. Explore our Expert Program for additional benefits once you’ve built your portfolio and at least one client site in Framer. Learn how to become a Framer Expert.

  3. Sharing Your Affiliate Link. Create content such as courses, lessons, or blog posts featuring Framer and include your unique partner tag in the link ( This tracks referrals and credits you when users purchase a Framer plan. Note that running ads with affiliate links is prohibited, and violations will result in removal from the program.

Attribution differences: Affiliate vs. Remix Links

Understanding how affiliate and remix links attribute credit is essential for maximizing their effectiveness.

Affiliate links on Framer use a specific format such as and rely on cookies that remain active for 90 days. These links credit the initial partner who directed customers to, following a "first-touch" attribution model. However, there are potential issues with affiliate links, including their reliance on customers accepting the privacy policy, vulnerability to ad or tracker blockers, and Safari's limitation of maintaining client-side cookies for only seven days.

In contrast, remix links, formatted like, do not track visible clicks but ensure conversion visibility in your FirstPromoter account. These links provide revenue security by directly attributing earnings, regardless of cookie settings or user browsing methods. Unlike affiliate links, remix links operate solely in the backend and maintain a 90-day attribution period. They can also override default attribution models, guaranteeing payment for the specific assisted project, even if there was previous cookie attribution.

Learn how to create a remix link with an affiliate tag here, and understand how partner and affiliate payouts work here.

Applying to become a Framer Partner

Ready to start earning money? Visit our Partner application page to apply and become a Framer Partner today.