Drawing Graphics

A Graphic is a layer that contains a scalable vector graphic (SVG) image. Graphic layers may not contain other layers but instead can contain paths, shapes, and groups. They can be used to draw custom icons and illustrations.

Drawing a Graphic

To create a Graphic layer, hit G. Then, you’ll be able to draw a graphic container and you’ll see your toolbar update to reflect the Graphic tools available. The graphic itself represents the Viewbox of your SVG. Within this Graphic, you can draw your shapes, like Rectangles, Ovals, Polygons and Stars.

Boolean Options

If you select multiple shapes, you can apply boolean operations. You’ll find these options in the top of the property panel. Here you can unite, subtract, intersect, exclude and join your paths and shapes.

Importing SVGs

It is also possible to drag and drop any .svg file into the Framer canvas. You can upload SVG’s up to 1MB. If your SVG is larger, we recommend compressing the file.

Design and publish a site today.

Design and publish a site today.

Design and publish a site today.