How to debug network / SSL / certificate

Sometimes your network admin, internet provider or dns server can mess with your SSL certificates (typically to spy on you). In cases like these, the browser may decide to not load certain urls and Framer can stop working correctly.


You can recognize cases like these by looking for the following message in the inspector:


To help use debug what’s happening exactly, open the url in your browser. You’ll likely see some error again.

Now, open the inspector and bring up the Security tab. Yours will likely say “Not secure”. Make a screenshot of the Security Overview panel to send to us.

Then, click “View Certificate”, open “Details” and also make a screenshot to send to us.


From here you’ll likely want to talk to your network admin and explain them to not mess with the following domains so Framer can work correctly:

How to whitelist Framer domains

Change DNS

One thing you can try yourself is changing your DNS server in the browser to a public one. Go to Chrome Settings, find the DNS panel and select a public one: