How to draw a line

Lines are powerful ways to communicate the division between sections. Learn more on how to create a simple line in Framer.

Using the Frame Tool

You can use the Frame tool to draw a line in Framer. A Frame is the equivalent to the rectangle tool in most design tools. Simply select the Frame tool from the top menu and draw a rectangle with a short height to create a line. You can customise the properties, such as the border radius and color on the right.

Using the Border Property

Another way to add a line is by adding a border property to a Frame. Once you have drawn a Frame, add a border on the right properties panel by clicking on the Border property. This will open a panel that allows you to customise which sides of the frame you want the border to be on and comes with styling options such as the ability to create a dashed or dotted line as well.

Drawing SVGs

You can also draw a line through the Graphic tool, which will create a line in SVG format. Learn more about using Framer’s Graphic tool in this support article.