How to open Framer Classic files

Framer Classic was deprecated in 2018 and reached end-of-life in 2022. Because the file format used by Framer Classic is fully self-contained, you can still view (and even edit) these files without using the Framer Classic application.

Framer Classic files (using the extension “.framer”) are always folders, but they are marked as a package format for macOS. To look inside them, you can right-click on them and pick “Show Package Contents”

Viewing Classic files

You can view Framer Classic files if you run a web server in the folder. For this we recommend the application “WorldWideWeb” by Iconfactory.

1. Make a copy of the Framer Classic file

2. Remove the .framer extension at the end of the filename. This will turn it into a regular folder.

3. Start WorldWideWeb

4. In WorldWideWeb, pick the folder you created, start the webserver and open it in your browser

Editing Classic files

To make changes to Classic files, you can modify the “” file inside the folder.