How to see if your site is fast with Lighthouse

Framer produces really fast websites by default. It uses the most advanced tricks in the books to optimize every part, from your html structure to hosting.


Lighthouse is the best generally accepted system to test your site speed. Instead of focusing on technical properties only (like hosting power or compression) it tries to measure the result for the user – how fast does the site feel.

While it’s a popular test it’s not perfect. For example, you’ll get different results each time your run the test because it’s dependent on thousands of variables, including your connection speed and how busy your computer is on that very moment.

Preparing to run a test

You’ll get the best results for your test if you adhere to the following:

• Run the test on a local computer with a fast connection.

• Close as many other apps besides Chrome.

• Use an incognito window (so extensions cannot interfere).

• Use a fast public DNS server (like or

Running the test

Open a new incognito window (File → New Incognito Window) and enter your url. Open the web inspector (View → Developer → Developer Tools) and select the Lighthouse tab.

Select all options like above, set device to Desktop and click “Generate Report”. The result will contain different hints on what to optimize. Run the test a few times to make sure the results are stable.

If the results are low follow the guide to debug your site performance.