Links for SEO

Search engines discover every page on your site through links on your site.

The links that Framer generates are just plain a elements that are compatible with every search engine. Additionally, Framer generates a sitemap.xml and robots.txt to hint what all the pages are on your site. You don't really have to do anything here, except for making sure that your visitors can find the information they're looking for in the right places.


Typically when you think about links in relation to SEO it's about backlinks: other (preferably popular) sites linking to yours. If say has a link to your site, Google is going to rank you higher because they know is a popular, legit site (high authority) so if it links to your site you must be pretty interesting too.

It seems like it's very hard to get Apple to link to your site, but it's easier than you might think. Look for listings on the page that you can submit to. For example if you submit your app in the App Store it comes with a link to your site and voila.

Obviously a few smaller (but high quality) sites can have a similar or better effect. So always be on the lookout for sites that might want to link to yours.