Linking to Pages or URLs

Learn how to add links to any page, or set up a link to anchor to a specific section of a page.

Create a Link

Add a link to any text layer or frame by selecting the Link property in the property panel. From here, you can select between linking to a page within your website or an external URL.

To link to a specific section in a page, you can define a Target. For an example, please check this link. Targets must be pre-defined in the layer you wish to anchor to. To set up a target, simply navigate the element you wish to anchor to and enable the Scroll Target property. Once you have defined a name for the target, it will become accessible in the link dropdown list.

Add Link Styles

For text links, you can define a link style to reuse across your app. To set a link style, simply click on the Style property within the Link section on the properties panel. From here, you can select one of our pre-defined link styles or create your own.

Link styles behave the same way as any other text style, but comes with two main differences:

  • They only contain a subset of overridable properties, such as color and decoration. This allows you to use them with any heading or paragraph style without having to set up all of the properties (e.g. Font) every single time.

  • They come with built in states, such as default, hover, and current (active), so the link style is dynamically rendered based on the state.