Upcoming Changes to Permissions

We are reimagining how members collaborate in sites. When collaborating on websites, people have different tasks and skills. For example a copywriter may want to edit the content without risking breaking the layout, or you may want the main site to only be updated by the ultimately responsible person.

What Changes?

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a feature in which you can assign granular permissions to give members access to specific features across the project, such as design editing, CMS editing, and deploy rights. You can assign as many or as few permissions to each member as you want, which gives you the flexibility to give members full access or view only status as well. These permissions can be updated any time. This will ensure that all members of the team can collaborate at ease and minimize the amount of errors.

What Happens to the Existing Members?

These new permissions will replace the previous roles (editor / viewer). Due to the flexibility of the new model, please note that all members, including those with no edit permissions enabled, will become paid members moving forward. Rest assure that any viewers invited before this change is rolled out will continue collaborating as a viewer for free across all projects.