About Site Pre-rendering

Framer pre-renders (SSG) your site pages automatically after publishing to make it much more performant and compatible with SEO.

⚠️ If you have an optimization warning you can check this article.

We pre-render every website as soon as you deploy it (also called server side rendering). The pre rendered html makes sure that the Google bot can analyze your website without running any JavaScript and at a huge speed boost which will favor your site in the rankings.

Pre rendering and breakpoints typically don’t go so well together, as the server does not know your screen size before you request the page, so it can’t send you the right version for your current device. But Framer automagically takes care of this for you, sending the pre rendered content per component for different screen sizes if needed, displaying the right ones using media queries.

The way pre rendering technically works is whenever you publish a website, we start a small process on the server that uses JavaScript to render your html and css. After a successful render we store the html, which we can then send to your visitors immediately.

You can learn more about pre-rendering at Netlify or other services that offer this as a standalone service like Prerender.ioBrombone or Prerender.cloud.