How to Import from Sketch

Importing your Sketch designs into Framer is easy using Framer’s Sketch Copy & Paste Plugin.

Download the plugin

First you will need to download the Framer pasteboard plugin. Click here to download it. Once the file is downloaded onto your computer double click to unzip and then double click on the resulting unzipped file. This will install the Framer pasteboard plugin to Sketch. You will now be able to view the plugin in Sketch’s plugins management tab.


Once you have the Framer plugin installed, open your Sketch project and select the layers that you would like to import. Press ⌘ + C to copy these to your clipboard. Back in Framer, press ⌘ + V to paste your Sketch layers into Framer.

Tip: If your layers from Sketch are coming into Framer as a flattened image, double check that your Sketch Plugins menu shows the Framer Pasteboard plugin enabled.


When you import from Sketch, Framer will convert your Sketch layers into their corresponding Framer layers. While Framer supports most of Sketch’s features, you may find that certain features do not import correctly. These features are not yet supported:

• Radial gradients

• Angular gradients

• Nested symbols

Note: Though nested symbols will be copied over as layers, they will not be copied as Design Components. To turn nested symbols into Design Components, select the symbol’s parent (the Frame that contains all of the symbol’s layers) and press ⌘ + K.