Adding members to your team

When setting up your team, you can invite individuals with different roles. As a team administrator, you have the choice to invite others as co-admins, editors, or viewers. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Framer dashboard
  2. Select your team on the left-hand side
  3. Next to your team name, select team settings under the ••• icon

From here you’ll be shown the current members in your team. Fill out an email address in the invite field, choose an appropriate role, and hit the invite button.

The invitee will receive an email that they have been invited to be part of your team.

The moment the invitation has been accepted, they will start counting towards a seat on your team if they have been given the role of admin or editor. Viewers on your team are absolutely free.

What can each role do?


Team viewers have restricted rights. They can only view team projects, look at hand-off specifications, and read and write comments.

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Editors on a team can view all projects created by others in the team space, make changes to team projects, and create new projects.

Note: As a team editor you have the right to make changes to your team’s plan. Adding editors can thus cause your plan to incur extra charges.

Project editors

Sometimes you may want to only invite an editor to collaborate on a per-project basis. In this case, you need to explicitly invite this person from a specific project.

If someone in your team has invited a project editor to a project, this project editor will also show up in the team settings overview..

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Find out more about the project editor role ›


Administrators have editor rights within projects, but also have some extra administrative rights.

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