How are plan upgrades billed?

All editors in a team can add additional editors to the team. This means that additional editors can also cause the team plan to incur additional charges.

How are changes to monthly plans billed?

Those on a monthly plan will always be charged at the end of the month for the number of seats that are in use at that moment in time. We do not prorate any added seats that were used and removed before the renewal day, so you have more freedom to play around with adding additional seats.

If you want to add others to your team to try out some features, you will only get charged for these additional editors if they are still part of your team by the time your renewal is happening.

Therefore you can safely try out working together in a team without incurring direct charges.

Note: For the above reason, we do urge you to remove any unused seats before the next billing period.

How are changes to yearly plans billed?

If you are on a yearly team plan, you are billed upfront for the number of seats that were chosen upon initial purchase.

When you go above this initial number of team editors, any extra editor will be added to your bill as a separate monthly payment.

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