What happens if my team plan is cancelled?

Framer subscriptions are automatically renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. If you cancel your team plan, your renewal gets stopped and you won’t get charged anymore for your team.

You and your team will retain access to all features included in your plan for the remainder of the purchased period. After this period is over, your team will be downgraded to a free team.

What happens if my team is set to a free team?

If your team had previous access to paid features, some of these features will not be available anymore.

Your projects and configurations should remain in place though, so they will be automatically restored if you do decide to upgrade your team again later on.

Concretely, going from a paid team to a free team means the following for your team:

  • Existing projects are safe and remain under your team
  • Any created packages are unchanged and stay active
  • Team folders remain set
  • Prior collaborators in your team will remain set

If you decide to upgrade again, all your configuration will thus be in tact and you can hit the ground running with your prior folders and collaborators in your team.

What can’t I do anymore?

After your team has been set to a free team, you won’t be able to create new packages and folders, add new editors, or create new projects if you have more than 2.

Other features that are not available to free teams will also not be work anymore, such as publishing/updating team packages or setting projects to invite-only.

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