How do Framer subscriptions work?

Framer has several subscriptions to choose from, depending on which features fit your needs. Previously, Framer subscriptions were tied to an account, but now all subscriptions are tied to a team.

What is a Team?

With Framer available on the web, you can collaborate and work together in real-time, provide feedback directly on the canvas, and share your prototypes instantly.

To allow for a smooth workflow between teams, whether you are working with a few team members or if you are part of a large organization, all subscriptions are now team-based.

This allows you to effortlessly invite others to a team and collaborate on projects.

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Subscriptions and Teams

When you sign up for Framer, a team will be created automatically. This team can be found on the left side of your project dashboard. Any subscription you may already have will be associated to your new team.

At any time you can find out out how your team is set up by consulting your team overview.

If you create another team, it will become a free-tiered team until you upgrade it. This also means you can be part of multiple teams with different subscriptions.

Differences between projects in a Team and Drafts

One of the main benefits of working in teams is that projects created in your team are available to everyone in your team.

Any projects you create outside of your teams will always live under your Drafts. Any editors or viewers added to your Drafts are free.

Collaborating in a Team

While inviting editors and viewers to your Drafts is free, adding editors to your team or to your team projects can cause your team to incur additional charges. However, viewers are always free.

Teams are seat-based, so your subscription will give you one seat in your own team.

Any additional editors invited, whether invited to a team project or to the entire team, will cause more seats to be added to your plan.

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