Getting an overview of your team

As any editor in your team has rights to invite new viewers and editors to your team, it is important to keep a clear overview of how your team is set up and how it affects your team plan.

Finding your Team Settings

You can find everything about your current plan from the Team Settings. Follow these steps to open the team settings:

  1. Navigate to the Framer dashboard
  2. Select your team on the left-hand side
  3. Next to your team name, select team settings under the ••• icon

From the modal that appears, select the Members panel to get a full overview of all team editors, project editors, viewers, and admin(s).

Select the Plan section to learn more about your current plan and the editor seats you are charged for.

You can also find all your invoices under the Invoices section. The team avatar and name can be changed under the Details section, which is also where a team can be deleted.