Team Roles

In Framer there are four roles that a team member can be assigned. These roles are viewer, editor, project editor, and administrator.

The most common role to pick between will be viewer and editor, which can both be chosen on a project or team level.

Roles on a project level

Within Framer projects, you’re able to invite others to collaborate on projects.

When inviting others to a project, you’ll have the option to choose the invitee’s role and thus determine what they can do in your project.

Roles on a team level

You can also invite members to your team and assign them the role of viewer or editor. The difference is that if you add a member with a viewer or editor role within your entire team, you are explicitly giving this person view or edit rights to all projects created within the team space.

Therefore you won’t have to repeatedly invite colleagues or friends to your projects — simply create your projects in your team space and any team member will always be able to jump in and either view or edit your project.

What are the different roles?


Editors within a project have the same edit rights as the owner of the project, so you can make any change on the canvas including adding and removing elements.

If you are an editor on the team you are on, you can also view all other team projects without requiring an invite. This is because projects created under a team will be visible under the team space on the dashboard, so others that have an editor seat in your team will be able to find all the projects created here.

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Project editors

Framer also knows project editors. Project editors are editors that are invited from within a team project to collaborate, but who do not have team edit rights. Think of a contractor who is involved with one specific project, but that should not have access to any of the other team projects.

As a project editor, they can only view the project they were explicitly invited to and nothing else.

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Viewers have less rights within a project, and can’t make any changes on the canvas. If you are a viewer within a team, you can view and open any projects created under the team space from the dashboard. You can, however, not make any changes to these projects and you can’t create new projects in the team space.

As a viewer, you are still able to access any specifications with the handoff feature, view any code, and see or leave comments within the project.

Users with view-only rights can also preview any frame on the canvas, and see other users who have been added to the project.

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A team’s administrator will, by default, be the person who initially created the team. Each team can have multiple additional administrators assigned by any other admin.

The role comes with a couple extra administrative rights on top of the many rights editors already have.

The admin can be considered an editor, with these additional rights:

  • Upgrading other viewers/editors to administrator
  • Changing the team name
  • Removing/downgrading oneself from the team