By default, everyone using Framer will have their own team. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll be able to see and work from your team.

Simply click on one of the project sections under the team name and you’ll arrive in your team space.

For instance, the section named All will contain all projects created under the team. From here, you can see all projects created by you and your team members, create brand new projects, or import from existing Figma or Sketch projects.

Teams are therefore unique in that all projects created under your team space will be visible to others in your team.

Team subscriptions

Framer subscriptions are always tied to a team, where you can be part of multiple teams and therefore also have multiple subscriptions.

You can start out with a paid plan, but you can also learn to use Framer on the Free plan. If you start with a free team you can already invite others to work with you, but you will be limited by the number and have limited or no access to certain features.

Viewers are are always free and you can add as many to your team or projects. Only (external) editors and administrators count up to the number of seats in your team.

Each team plan has perks over the previous team plan — you can learn all about all features included in each plan over at our pricing page.

Working together in a team

Teams allow you to work together effectively. Any team editor or team viewer will, by default, have edit or view rights to projects created by others within the team space.

Setting up your team will therefore give you and others in the team increased visibility on what others are working on and allow anyone in the team to jump into a project and start collaborating.

Learn about all different roles on project and team basis ›

Setting up your team

To add new team members, change roles of existing members, or remove individuals from the team, you can navigate to your team settings from the dashboard and make the changes accordingly.

Find out more about adding members to your team ›

Making administrative changes

Managing your team can be done directly from the dashboard. From here, you can find your invoices, cancel your plan, upgrade your plan, and more.