Quarterly true-ups with Framer Enterprise

Tip: This applies to customers on our Enterprise plan.

Customers on the Framer Enterprise plan are billed on an annual basis. When you sign up for an Enterprise subscription we figure out how many Editors you need initially, and we bill accordingly for the year up front.

It is common for the number of Editors to increase throughout the billing period, and to make adding Editor seats as frictionless as possible we use a Quarterly True-up process.

How it works

We will bill you for your annual subscription when you first sign up for Framer Enterprise. This billing period will cover a calendar year from your sign up date (e.g. April 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021).

When we set up your account, we will provision the initial number of seats that you purchased. We then leave your ability to add Editor seats enabled and uncapped, which allows you to easily invite users on an as needed basis and avoid administration and contracts for every additional seat that is issued.

Every 90 days (quarter) throughout your contract term, we will give you the opportunity to purchase additional Editor seats that have been added. For example, if you purchased 50 Editor seats on April 1, 2020 and add 30 Editors throughout the first quarter (April 1, 2020 - July 1, 2020), you would need to purchase 30 additional Editor seats in order for all added Editors to retain access.

Note: You will only need to buy additional licenses if you have more Editors than you’re currently paying for.

A graph showing a difference in what a customer is paying for and what they’re using
A graph showing a difference in what a customer is paying for and what they’re using


Your main point of contact for a Quarterly True-up will be your dedicated Account Manager. This is what you can expect the process and timeline to look like:

  1. 30 days before your true up date (June 1, 2020 in our above example) you will receive an email from your Account Manager detailing the true-up:
    • Current paid Editors
    • Current Editors
    • Projected Invoice amount
    • A user list that details roles and which Editors have been added in the past quarter
  2. You then have the opportunity to decide how many additional Editor seats are needed. You can reassign Editor seats, or downgrade users to Viewers if priorities have shifted and different users need Editor permissions.
  3. On your True-up date you will be billed for any additional Editors on a prorated basis. For example, if you had added 30 Editor seats and determined they were all needed in the 30 days leading up to your true-up, you will be billed for all 30 seats for the remainder of your contract period (July 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021 in our example).