What’s changing to my existing Framer license?

We’re very excited to be bringing Framer to the web, along with many new features and performance improvements.

To provide you with the best experience in our new and improved Framer, we’ve made some subscription changes to accommodate brand new features like cloud-hosted projects and live collaboration.

What changed?

As of now, your existing Framer subscription is converted into one of our new team subscriptions: Free, Starter, Pro, or Enterprise Team.

You can read more about our new team-based subscriptions down below.

However, we get that you’ll likely want to play with Framer Web first instead, so we summed up what these changes mean for you:

  • You now have full access to Framer Web, without any additional costs.

  • Your monthly or yearly payment won’t change for non-discounted subscriptions.

  • You’ll now have a new team-based subscription, which provides you with the same features, plus more.

  • You won’t experience any downgrades in the features that you’re used to.

  • The desktop version of Framer will stay and will soon receive most new features you’ll learn to love from Framer Web.

  • As you will be part of a team by default, any future friends or colleagues you invite to your team will trigger additional charges.

What do team-based subscriptions mean?

A Framer subscription will now always consist of a team. You can be a team of one, or a team of a hundred.

Your existing subscription will be changed into one of our new team-based subscriptions as described below. Our new team-based subscriptions will allow you to invite others to your team to work together and start collaborating on your next big project.

As you can now invite collaborators to your teams and projects, it does mean that your team can be charged extra for additional collaborator seats.

While viewers are free, inviting fellow editors can cause your team to be charged extra. To avoid surprises, you can always find a breakdown of your current team setup under the team settings found on the Framer Web dashboard.

Changes to each legacy subscription

Individual subscriptions

If you are currently on a Framer Individual subscription, your will now have a Framer Pro subscription. You’ll now also have access to Framer Web, but no need to worry as we’ll continue billing you the same per month or year.

Being on a Pro Team subscription includes the following:

  • You will keep access to the Framer desktop app, as well as Framer Web.

  • You will now also get access to your own private team packages.

  • You will get full access to Framer Web.

Cancelled subscriptions

In case you currently still have access to Framer, but you cancelled your renewal, everything described above still applies.

However, your access to both the Framer desktop app and Framer Web will end once the subscribed period is over. Of course you can always resubscribe to retain access.

Educational discount

With Framer, we want to bring prototyping to everyone. Our previous subscription model also offered an education discount to help make Framer accessible to students and educators.

Our new free plan now allows everyone to prototype with Framer for free with no time limit. As Framer can now be used by anyone for free, our new plans will not have an educational discount available.

This means that any existing subscriptions with an educational discount will be renewed automatically at the full rate. To avoid any confusion, we will also send you a reminder of this when your plan is up for renewal.

If you prefer to continue using Framer on the upcoming free plan then you are of course able to. You can cancel your subscription and you will not be charged for any upcoming renewal.

Small Teams subscriptions

Teams that are currently working under a Small Team plan will be changed into a Framer Pro team with 5 editor seats. Any additional editor will add $25 to the plan.

Everyone in your existing team will now also have access to Framer Web, so you can start collaborating and working together right away.

Enterprise subscriptions

Organizations that prototyped together with an Enterprise subscription will be changed into a newer Framer Enterprise team subscription, where the cost per seat will remain the same.

Enterprise subscriptions come with a personal dedicated account manager at Framer. Feel free to reach out to yours if you have any questions about the enterprise plan.

Other questions

We are very excited to share Framer Web with you, and appreciate you for having chosen Framer previously for bringing your designs to life.

Of course you may still have questions for us, so if anything is unclear, please feel free to reach out and contact support.