Haze — Horizontal Portfolio

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Nick Stepuk

Haze is fullscreen horizontal portfolio showcase. Works good with branding projects full of sweet visuals. Take your best 5 projects, add color to each slide and get your best high-ticket clients easier.

Haze is not just a portfolio showcase; it's a fullscreen horizontal canvas meticulously designed for spotlighting your branding projects, especially those rich in captivating visuals. Tailored for those seeking to make a bold statement, Haze invites you to curate your top 5 projects, infusing each slide with vibrant colors that not only showcase your creative prowess but also leave a lasting impression. This immersive platform is strategically crafted to enhance your visual storytelling, making it an ideal tool to attract high-ticket clients. With Haze, you're not just presenting work; you're orchestrating an experience that captivates and resonates. Elevate your portfolio presentation, add a splash of color to your narrative, and make the journey of acquiring top-tier clients a visually stunning and seamless experience with Haze.