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Benjamin den Boer

A minimal and modern blog template. Perfect for sharing personal thoughts on the web. Start a free website today with Framer.

Start your personal blog today

Write and share your thoughts and photos with ease. The template is already wired to the built-in CMS, so you can start hammering out blog posts. It also allows you to link to your social media profiles. The mobile-friendly design is minimal, so that it will work with many different graphic designs.

Framer is a fully featured website builder. This makes it easy to extend this template beyond a personal blog. Add more pages, apply search engine optimization or tweak the website design. It is all possible with a few clicks. No web development is needed.

Fully responsive

The template is fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size. The layout is clean and elegant, while the colors are soft and warm. People can read your blog posts on their desktops or the go.

Beautiful typography

The template has been designed to make it easy to read, with various styles of headings, large blocks of text, and links. The design is simple and clean, but it also has a few lovely details that make it beautiful and unique. The typography of this template is perfect for any blog post, whether you want to write about your own life or share news about the latest trends.

Comes with a content management system

This template is completely customizable through the built-in CMS. Using this template allows you to have everything you need in one place: post categories, tags, archives, and even social media links for your posts. You don't have to spend time or money on a blogging platform to get a whole new site just for your blog—this template gives you all the needed features.

Multi-media plugins

For bloggers, creating a good-looking blog post is an art form. It requires excellent attention to detail and a solid understanding of how design, user experience, and content work together. But with the right tools, even someone who isn’t a designer can produce attractive and engaging content. This blog post template allows you to embed photos, videos, audio, and code blocks to tell a more in-depth story about yourself or your industry.

Photo gallery

Creating your photo blog can be convenient for many reasons. For example, if you have a collection of pictures from an event or trip that you want to share, a blog is the perfect way to showcase those photos. With this free personal blog template, you can make your photo blog in no time!



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Published December 12, 2022