Bento — Portfolio Website

A very simple portfolio site. Main focus is centered on projects. Ideal for a freelancer, or for building a CV. The site is executed in bento style, without excessive stylization. Neutral UI helps to keep the focus on content. Each section of the side menu can be collapsed and expanded separately.

Introducing BentoFocus, a minimalist portfolio website template perfect for freelancers or crafting your CV. The sleek bento-style design maintains a clean, content-centric approach. It features a collapsible side menu for focused browsing and includes a main page, project page, contact page, and two project filtering pages. Seamlessly linked to a CMS, it streamlines project management, ensuring your work takes center stage in a straightforward, professional manner. Let BentoFocus simplify and showcase your projects with elegance and clarity.


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More by Dmitrii Tereshchenko