Blog Website Template

By Framer

A simple and lightweight blog website template to get started with Framer. Add your content, change styling, colors, and layout, and publish to the web today.

Start a Blog

Blogs are incredible for engagement and a straightforward, lightweight way to share your thoughts with the world. But blogging platforms usually have tons of features you don’t need. This blog website template focuses on the essentials and is a great place to start a blog.

All Posts in Place

Get a quick overview of all pages in your blog on the index page. The content comes directly from the CMS, so it’s easy to manage and update. Hover over any of the blog entry cards to see a beautiful transition.

Detail Pages

The detail pages feature a big cover photo at the top and are entirely responsive. You can customize this template to your liking directly on the design canvas.


Scroll Effects


Content Management System (CMS)

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