Focus — Portfolio Template

Focus is a sleek Framer portfolio template for artists, photographers and designers! Showcase your work with a CMS-powered fully responsive gallery, automated masonry layout, and arrow key navigation. Diary page for image blog. Plus, enjoy a stylish dark mode for added versatility.

Meet Focus, a sleek Framer portfolio template meticulously designed for artists, photographers, and designers. Elevate your work with a CMS-powered, fully responsive gallery that effortlessly adapts to various devices. Enjoy the convenience of an automated masonry layout and arrow key navigation for seamless exploration. The included diary page caters to image blogging, enhancing your storytelling capabilities. And to top it off, revel in a stylish dark mode that adds an extra layer of versatility and sophistication to your online presence. With Focus, your portfolio shines in the digital realm.


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Text Styles


Content Management System (CMS)

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More by Fehmi Özüseven