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Gilbert — Digital Design Template

Gilbert is a framer template build for digital designers that want to showcase their design work in a clean way. The template features CMS powered case studies with detail pages and a strategic layed out about page.


Gilbert is a framer template designed specifically for digital designers seeking a clean and professional way to showcase their work. With Gilbert, designers can easily present their work visually appealingly, highlighting their skills and expertise.

CMS-Powered Case Studies

One of the standout features of Gilbert is its CMS-powered case studies. This allows designers to create detailed case studies that showcase their design process, the challenges they faced, and the solutions they implemented. With the ability to add images, videos, and other multimedia elements, designers can create engaging and informative case studies that truly showcase their skills.

Strategic Layout and About Page

In addition to the CMS-powered case studies, Gilbert also features a strategically laid-out about page. This page allows designers to introduce themselves and their work while highlighting their skills and experience. With a clean and professional layout, the About page is designed to make a strong first impression and leave a lasting impact on potential clients or employers. Overall, Gilbert is an excellent option for digital designers looking to showcase their work professionally and engagingly.


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CMS Page

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