Gridstack — Portfolio Website

The personal template where every stack clicks into place. Impress at home, shine in your portfolio, and seal the deal in contacts. Perfectly pieced together for both desktop and mobile, every corner of your personal site finds its home in Gridstack. Fit in to stand out.

Fit in to stand out

Gridstack is about fitting cards together. It was designed specifically for professionals including designers, solopreneurs, and UX/Product specialists. The template encompasses nine purposeful pages, spaning across Home, Works (portfolio), Thoughts (blog), Shop (for digital products and services), and a Contact.

Visually stunning

Championing the art of subtlety, Gridstack comes with an all-black palette, rounded corners, and pixel-perfect sans serif typography. And yes, styling is no more a chore — the built-in shared features make tweaking color and fonts a breeze. Components and variants are at your fingertips whenever needed.

Fit perfectly, no matter the device

Gridstack was made with mobile first and resposiveness in mind. The bento-style grid adpats seamlessly, as the navigation cards stack right in with the content on mobile. No more awkard overlaying menus.

Vivid Animations and Embedded Features

With Gridstack, expect clean and consistent animations between sections, and let customizable tickers and slideshows breathe life into your pages.

Leveraging Framer's CMS for Dynamic Content

Whether it's your thought-provoking blogs, captivating works, or enticing shop collections, Gridstack's full integration with Framer's CMS ensures your content shines in its best light, always.

Perfect for Your Niche

Personal websites

Design portfolios

Digital product stores

UX/Product showcases

Solopreneur ventures


Scroll Effects

Text Styles


Content Management System (CMS)







Mobile Navigation

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