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Prime is template tailored for Marketing agencies or any other kind of business. It has an aesthetic look with different color options and playful type. All pages and sections are made in framer which is easily editable including variables. It is possible to change colors and font sizes, edit content, changing layout or adding new pages and sections. The design style is consistent which allows you to design more pages based on current design. In case, if you need any assets to customize the pages like changing colors, resizing fonts, editing content, adding new categories or content in blog pages don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will be glad to help. Plus, a ton of assets like Payment companies logos in different design and colors, Platform badges like app stores and podcast, tech logos, and editable charts along with editable illustrations are available with the template. Pages: * Home Page * Blog Page (CMS) * 404 Page Additional Assets: * 60+ Payment Company logos (5 styles) * 10+ Platform Badges (2 styles) * 60+ Social Media Logos (5 Styles) * 70+ Tech Company logos ( styles) * 100+ Edible illustrations for Framer (zip)

Prime is a highly versatile template perfectly tailored for Marketing agencies and businesses of all kinds. Its visually appealing design, with multiple color options and playful typography, adds an aesthetic charm to any website. Crafted using Framer, all pages and sections are effortlessly editable, including variables, empowering users to easily customize colors, font sizes, content, layouts, and even add new pages and sections to suit their unique needs.

The template's consistent design style allows for seamless expansion, making it easy to create additional pages that seamlessly blend with the existing design. For further customization, the creator offers support and assistance, welcoming inquiries regarding color changes, font resizing, content editing, and the addition of new categories or content in blog pages.


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More by Emre Kaya