Snotra — Personal Portfolio Template

Snotra represents a personal portfolio template designed for Framer, with a minimalistic and distraction-free style, perfect for freelancers, product designers and simple portfolio sites, among other uses. You can use it quickly with the possibility of easy editing, projects CMS structure.

Snotra is a personal portfolio template designed specifically for use with Framer, a prototyping tool popular among product designers and developers. This template embraces a minimalist and distraction-free aesthetic, aligning well with modern design principles that value simplicity and focus.

In essence, Snotra is an ideal choice for freelancers, product designers, and any individuals or businesses looking for an uncomplicated way to showcase their work online. Its straightforward layout helps users effectively highlight their skills, experiences, and projects without unnecessary clutter. With an emphasis on visuals, Snotra makes it easy to present a portfolio that is both appealing and informative, lending credibility and a professional touch to a user's online presence.


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