Web Export

Framer X can export your project as a Web-ready bundle for offline user testing or self-hosting.

If you want to share your prototypes more widely and permanently, export a Web Preview. While previewing a screen in Framer X, hit CMD + Option + E to start exporting. The resulting folder contains a standalone prototype ready for sharing.

  • To run it on a Mac, open index.html in a browser. Zip the entire folder to share with others.
  • To preview the prototype from anywhere at any time, upload the folder to a service that can host static websites. Use a personal or company server, or one of the recommended services below.
Netlify Drop
  • Go to Netlify Drop and drop the exported Web Preview folder in the files area.
  • That’s it! Click the link to view your prototype, and share it with anyone.
Zeit Now
  • Get the Zeit Now app.
  • Drop the exported Web Preview folder onto the menu bar icon.
  • Ta-da! The prototype will now open automatically in your browser of choice.

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