Give your product team a competitive edge.

High-fidelity prototypes enable your team to collaborate better, ship faster, and launch superior products. Framer for Enterprise offers everything you need to get started.

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The best products begin as prototypes.

Tech, automotive, finance, and more—some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive products were prototyped. Because great ideas need to be experienced, not just seen. So give your team the tools to do their job, better than they ever have. Then step aside and watch them win.

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Actual prototypes made with Framer.

Validate product decisions earlier.

Designers can start from scratch in Framer or import from Figma or Sketch. The output is near-native prototypes that can be tested on real users with real-world constraints, so design decisions are stress-tested from the start. No development resources needed.

Change the way design ideas are delivered.

Enable your team to simply share a link and get immediate feedback on ‘hard to picture’ ideas. Or pitch a prospect with an interactive design that pulls from the client’s API. Make it easy for anyone to put a prototype in front of decision-makers, and wow a room with the next iteration of your product.

Sync design and development.

Close the gap between designers and engineers with a continuous loop, not traditional handoff. Automate communication between the two teams with a design system synced to production. Let prototypes act as the bridge between design and development.

Once you get used to having a high-fidelity prototype as your deliverable it’s hard to go back to the days of just sending your engineering team a static file and asking them to go build it.

Doug DeMarco, Design Manager at Spotify

Ready to scale alongside your team.

From the first person to the 100th and beyond, Framer’s tools and functionality are ready to grow with you. Design systems, user management, billing, and more—the power is in your hands.

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Unlimited Everything

There’s no cap on viewers, projects, or storage.


Assign specific roles and permissions to different members of the team with advanced user management settings.


Framer integrates seamlessly with your existing identity management system. Best-in-class security doesn’t come at the cost of easy accessibility for your team.


Payment is simple with only one renewal date for all your seats.


Control who has the ability to share file links externally, ensuring no one can access projects unless explicitly invited.

Design system management

A central place to house all your brand assets, UI elements, and interactive components. Everything is synced to production, with global updates, so designers are always using the most up-to-date components.

External collaborators

Easily invite or collaborate with people outside your company, like freelancers and clients.

Tailored onboarding and training

Onboarding is a breeze, straight out of the box. Employees get access to the design systems they need immediately, meaning everyone hits the ground running.

Now you’re not redoing UI elements or wondering if you’re using the latest version, but actually designing with data and expressing your most creative ideas.

Duncan Crozier, Senior UX Designer at

A design partner you can trust.

Framer’s enterprise security tools protect the data of some of the world’s most reputable companies. Our dedicated security team has your back, implementing best practices across all areas of data, network, system and application security, as well as 24x7 monitoring and alerts.

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We’ve got the certifications and frameworks to prove it.

Why is it worth it to switch tools? It’s worth it when it’s a revolutionary change and a tool can replace many others in a workflow so easily.

Meghan Scanlon, SVP of Design at Ticketmaster

Empower your enterprise with Framer.

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