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Cédric Moore

The Course Operating System is a Framer template that lets you build & host your online course directly in Framer and protect it with Outseta.

The Course Operating System (COS) is an innovative and user-friendly Framer template that provides you with a powerful platform to construct and host your online courses. With the COS, you no longer need to rely on multiple tools or platforms to create and manage your course content – everything can be conveniently done within Framer.

By leveraging the capabilities of the COS, you can design and develop your course materials, including interactive lessons, engaging multimedia content, and immersive learning experiences, all directly within the Framer environment. This streamlines the course creation process, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional educational content without the hassle of integrating multiple software or systems.

One of the key advantages of using the COS is the ability to protect your valuable course content using Outseta, a cutting-edge solution for course security and access control. Outseta provides robust functionalities such as authentication, user management, and content restriction, ensuring that only authorized learners can access your course materials. This helps safeguard your intellectual property and maintain the exclusivity of your course offerings.

With the COS and Outseta integration, you can confidently market and monetize your online courses, knowing that your content is secured and protected. Additionally, the seamless integration between Framer and Outseta eliminates the need for complex technical setups or coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wide range of course creators, from educators and trainers to entrepreneurs and subject matter experts.

Whether you're an individual instructor, a training organization, or a business looking to share knowledge and expertise, the Course Operating System in conjunction with Outseta offers a comprehensive and efficient solution to build, host, and safeguard your online courses. It empowers you to deliver engaging and impactful e-learning experiences while ensuring the utmost security and protection for your valuable course content.



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Published July 13, 2023