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DOR Design

DesignCommerce - a premium template for designers that want to create & sell their UI kits and components. Integrated with a high converting landing page and CMS library.

DesignCommerce is a top-tier template tailored for designers seeking to develop and market their UI kits and components. This comprehensive solution comes equipped with a high-converting landing page and an intuitive CMS library. By utilizing this template, designers can seamlessly showcase and sell their visually appealing and functional design assets. The integrated high-converting landing page ensures that potential customers are immediately engaged and incentivized to explore and purchase the offered UI kits and components. Additionally, the CMS library provides a robust framework for managing and organizing design assets, making it effortless for designers to curate and present their work to potential buyers. Designers can take advantage of this powerful template to establish a professional and polished platform for selling their design creations while providing a seamless and captivating experience for potential customers.